Carpathia is about Romanian Cuisine and people.

The incredible mountain landscapes and the amazing beauty of a land whose time seems to be endless (the shepherds lead their sheeps, the horses harnessed to the wagons run slowly and the medieval settlements keep their traditions and customs) turn the Romanian Carpathians into a spectacular open museum. Here, on the beautiful slopes of the high Bucegi Mountains in the Carpathians, shepherds still make a living as cheese makers, producing “burduf cheese”

Carpathian cuisine is famous for its dishes as well as their uniqueness and impresses everybody with its diversity. Food reveals many secrets about a place: the people’s connections with the land, barter of the market, the love poured into the preparation – and the rituals of serving and eating.

In a contemporary twist CARPATHIA represents an oasis of urban rusticity in the heart of East Ham, London. Inspiration for food and design comes from the modern interpretation of the rustic style of cooking and we aim to bring the best from Romanian cuisine but not only.

Our missionis to provide excellent food, great atmosphere and exceptional services so that everyone coming to dine with us would have a special evening to remember!

As much as we would like to think it’s all about the food, CARPATHIA is also about the people.

Cabbage stuffed with minced pork – “sarmale”, and Romanian doughnuts taste even better when they are served with a smile, a “please” and a “thank you”. Hospitality is something that in Carpathia we hold near and dear to our hearts so if you step in, you`re going to fell welcomed giving you a feeling of been-there-foreverness.

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